About Zoe

Beauty and Artistry in Motion: The Intriguing World of Zoe ReBelle

– By Charlotte Evans


Zoe ReBelle is the sort of woman who subtly glides into a room as if to relish those brief moments when she can observe her surroundings unnoticedbut with the body of Pocahontas and the voice of Zsa Zsa Gabor, Good luck with that,” is all we can say.

This Hungarian-born beauty is like walking art herself. Shes that neighbor who inspires intrigue, moving through her daysometimes on rollerbladeson a quest for intrigue and inspiration from the world around her. Its little wonder that neighbors in her Las Vegas high-rise have been known to whisper, Who is that girl? She frequently lounges poolside in a vintage 1920s Kimono (yes, its real and its spectacular, and she has a collection) with a notepad in hand. Always with a notepad. 

Zoe ReBelle is an artist, and is one of todays rising stars in the international art community. Very much a citizen of the world, at age 6living in a rural Hungarian town she watched a documentary about beautiful places around the world and announced to her mother that she was going to be a world traveler. And while her relatives may not have taken her seriously, ReBelle stayed true to her childhood proclamation.

ReBelle landed in Las Vegas by way of Chicago, Miami, Paris, and multiple other cities around the globe, with no formal art training. Her work is varied and poignant, reflecting the sort of reverence for iconic American culture that is often most celebrated by those who did not grow up in the United States. She incorporates genuine Swarovski crystals onto some of her canvases, and draws inspirations from cultures around the worldparticularly Asian cultures.

Today, ReBelles paintings sell for between $3,000 and $15,000. There are some, like her personal favorite Mizuki”the geisha, which she has refused to sell despite towering bidsAnd praise and a sense of accomplishment have come in other ways, too. In Chicago, ReBelles visual masterpieces gained widespread notoriety when her masterwork as a painter with no previous pedigree was selected among the best of 89 finalists for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundations Horses of Honor program. Her creation became one of the top-15 works applauded in a live auction at the Hyatt Hotel. It was a cause, ReBelle says, she was very grateful to be a part of.

When asked by her makeup artist, as she prepared her for this articles photo shoot whether she ever doubts her own ability, ReBelle replied; “You are an artist right now: Do you ever doubt how you put on makeup? Or, do you enjoy every minute of it?”  

Point taken.

ReBelles greatest passions are children and animals. Keenly aware of how visual inspiration can motivate children, she has graciously offered to paint murals on the walls of childrens hospitals, free of charge. Deluxe Version Magazine is privileged to help spread the word that ReBelle is eager to continue this sort of pro bono” work while she simultaneously gears up for her own showings. As one of the most fascinating rising stars in the art world today, we also absolutely recommend that you check out her inspirations at her upcoming shows, and on her website. Who knows: Her inspirations may well become your own.

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